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Investments in expanding current infrastructure as well as operating expenses are a high burden to the annual IT budget:

Invests into Storage Infrastructure *) Highend Block Storage Systems Midrange Block Storage Systems Unified Storage Systems Direct Attached Storage
Hard- and Software 38% 36% 42% 25%
Maintenance 20% 20% 23% 13%
Cost of administration 29% 33% 21% 55%
Power and cooling 13% 11% 14% 7%

*) 36 months TCO

Especially after warranty and the procured maintenance a detailed look into future investments due to expansions and annual maintenance is worth an in-depth analysis.

We support our customers to optimize current infrastructure solutions with technology refresh programs, license optimization and support you when evaluating cost-optimization or alternative solutions.

Although the decision for a certain manufacturer or a solution has already been made:

We supply project support for IT infrastructure projects during the implementation by:

  • Measuring project progress
  • Comparing achieved values and measures against the target plans
  • Create audit-reports on the progress of performance, availability and capacity of your new IT infrastructure

As a customer you have a great variety of possibilities and processed to procure and purchase IT infrastructure.

Our experience with common procedures allows us to respond and respect the specifics of each procedure. This includes project lead times, deadlines, required documents and their content at each stage of the procurement process.


All modules that are required during the procurement process are available as individual services. This services include among others:

  • Analysis of the current infrastructure and KPI's
  • Definition of project objectives and goals
  • Support and advice concerning choice of the applicable procurement process
  • Definition of requirements for candidates
  • Market evaluation and bidder selection
  • Preparation of tender documents
  • Preselection of offers and support during hearings with bidders
  • Shortlisting of bidders
  • Support during final negotiations with the best bidder
  • Ongoing project controlling

We are the reliable consulting partner in IT procurement and specialized in analysis, planning, implementation and monitoring of procurement processes from initial assessment to final implementation!


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